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A Lifetime of Yesterday's Update 7/9/24

I have been attending classes at Project Write Now with the wonderful individuals there. The instructors are intelligent, humorous, successful, and enjoyable to collaborate with. I noticed that I was the eldest individual in one of my classes, and I took the opportunity last night to share my thoughts with a few classmates about the significance of time.

Time is subjective and shaped by our perspectives. Our worldviews and positions influence how we perceive time, which is also relative to our experiences. For instance, an astronaut in space has a different time perspective than someone relaxing on a beach. Time is perceived differently by a high-frequency trader and a trader on the NYSE floor. Similarly, a surgeon treating cancer and a neurologist managing multiple sclerosis have distinct views on their time and mine.

My book, A Lifetime of Yesterday's, covers over five decades of my life, and it's only now that I realize how important our time is and how to manage it more effectively. I have no magic way to do it, but I firmly believe we should be good stewards of our time on earth and with each other.

I am working on this topic in my story, so look out for it.

Peace, Chris


About Chris

Christian J. Farber

After a thriving corporate career, Chris now enjoys retirement at the Jersey Shore. As a prostate cancer survivor, he's committed to educating men about the disease and covers various topics like Alcoholism, Multiple Sclerosis, and Career Success in his featured writing on platforms such as The Good Men Project, Huffington Post, and Thrive Global.

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