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A Lifetime of Yesterdays 4/30/24

Updated: May 2

I find myself in a situation where I have to work at least as hard as my medications and doctors to improve my PPMS. I have a great team. The MS Center I go to provides necessary care and attention. My doctor follows me closely and takes my emails and calls when appropriate. I try not to bother her and will usually run my questions by one of the top of the tippy top nurses first. 

Here is what I do:

  • Go to @The Fort Athletic Club every day.

  • Work out with a personal trainer on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I am on my own at the club other days.

  • Do not drink alcohol (I am 5 years free).

  • I take my meds every day.

  • Read a lot. I prefer reading books on my iPad. It exercises my brain.

  • Write almost every day. I have started my memoir, A Lifetime of Yesterdays.

  • Attend classes on memoir writing.

  • Work with an excellent psychiatrist.

  • My team is my wife, psychiatrist, neurologist, general practitioner, and therapy coach.

  • Go to the MS Center in Neptune, NJ.

MS is like a dead weight you carry around every day, all day, forever. PPMS never gets easier. It's like running a race in place and hoping you win. That is a waste of time. Winning takes on a whole new form. You have to show up and run on the treadmill of life. I will participate in the MS walk in Asbury Park on May 5th with my team, Junk In the Trunk. I will walk the one mile with my forearm crutches. It will take an hour of my ever more valuable time. I have been using the crutches on the treadmill to prepare. I will complete the mile. That is my commitment to those who have pledged their hard-earned money to the National MS Society on my behalf. 

If you want to support me and the MS Foundation, here is a link.

If you want to follow me and the writing of my book, please visit my website.

They say a cure is on the line. I hope they are right.

Peace, Chris

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Christian J. Farber

After a thriving corporate career, Chris now enjoys retirement at the Jersey Shore. As a prostate cancer survivor, he's committed to educating men about the disease and covers various topics like Alcoholism, Multiple Sclerosis, and Career Success in his featured writing on platforms such as The Good Men Project, Huffington Post, and Thrive Global.

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