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Believe in Yourself

If I can do difficult things, anyone can. Here's how.


Hi, I'm Christian J. Farber
So good to have you here.  

Having served a rewarding corporate career, Chris has been enjoying retirement at the Jersey Shore with his wife Susan and their three sons. In retirement, his energy and enthusiasm are now directed toward giving back to people in ways that are near to his heart. As a prostate cancer survivor, Chris is now dedicated to educating men about the disease and providing consolation, support and advice through his writing. He also covers Alcoholism, Multiple Sclerosis and Career success. Chris is a featured and contributing author on many social media platforms including The Good Men Project, Huffington Post and Thrive Global. Currently, Chris is writing a book "A Lifetime of Yesterdays" on how he did the hard things in life: success, abuse, alcohol, cancer and MS.

Christian J. Farber

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