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A Lifetime of Yesterday's Update 7/2/24


Here is an update on A Lifetime of Yesterday's as I forge ahead with Chapter Three.

Chapter One is about me and my struggles during the onset of OCD and my dad's terrible accident.

Chapter Two is about growing up in Rumson, NJ.

Chapter three is about love. This is a transition chapter. Love is super important to my memoir. It stands as the basis for the next few chapters. Here's a taste.

Love is a zero-sum game. It has to be to work. Lovers are the final Quixotes left who will fight, but what for? Look through the window of your heart to find the love you accept and think about it. Then think about the love you make. Are they equal? They must be to keep the universe aligned and remain as unmovable, straightforward, and impenetrable as clear ice. 

Loves tears flow down and pool on your chest, over your heart — the place where everyone’s beats beat together. The beating represents “love.”

Grace and love fill our hearts. It's that simple.

Peace, Chris

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About Chris

Christian J. Farber

After a thriving corporate career, Chris now enjoys retirement at the Jersey Shore. As a prostate cancer survivor, he's committed to educating men about the disease and covers various topics like Alcoholism, Multiple Sclerosis, and Career Success in his featured writing on platforms such as The Good Men Project, Huffington Post, and Thrive Global.

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